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EPIC, with a side of awesomesauce

…here, you tell me if I’m not right…

cat car autocorrect

Ima helper here

I know so many of you are suffering seasonal allergies.¬† There’s enough red noses out there to make W.C. Fields proud.

Go, go look up W.C. Fields.

I’ll wait.

*finds thread on jacket, pulls…sigh…now wonders if she can fix hole in jacket*

Welcome back.

Anyone have  a needle and white thread?


As I was saying, allergies…BLECH!

But, have no fear I have a helpful solution.

Auntie Awesomesauciness’ Guide to Clearing Sinuses

Step 1: Take a large mouthful of water, tea, soda, juice, or any of your favorite beverages.

Step 2:

funky music

*hands reader a towel…and a mop*

You’re welcome.

I Miss Uncle Arthur

If you know who I’m talking about, and you miss him too…some of his more hilarious moments as the “center” of attention.

Let's not get a"head" of ourselves, shall we?

Let’s not get a”head” of ourselves, shall we?

This One Nearly Killed Me

…so I’m going to share..of course…

brown window spider


Ima just gonna leave this here…so much funny…

Just too much awesome in this...

Just too much awesome in this…

Is This Some Radical New Sammich?

chick fil a autocorrect

Glob Dangflit!

auto couch autocorrect


Yeah, it makes sense after you watch this.



I Say if You’re Gonna Do It, Go For the Gusto!

go for it

For reals…if autocorrect is gonna feck up everything you try to type anyway, I say go for it.

If Imagonna Pee Myself Laughing…

….then you are, too.

*dies laughing

*dies laughing

And in case you’re wondering, and to give credit where credit is due, I get most of these from this lovely website.