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Weekly Recap

Hi Sauceketeers! Why yes, I did just make up a nickname for you, do you like it?


It’s time for the weekly recap…again…didn’t we just do this last week? 

Monday, Monday…can’t trust that day…or moi…since I don’t seem to be able to post on Mondays too often anymore.

It was par-tay time on Tuesday!  Everybody dance!

On Wednesday I stated the obvious.

Thursday…because, you know…ninjas.

For your Friday, I revealed an exquisite torture method.  Reckon I should contact the Marines at Gitmo?

Antibiotics and cough meds in hand, I remain….

….on the mend…

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday Tuesday, because you know…ninjas.


Weekly Recap

Hi kids! If it’s Saturday, it must be time for the weekly recap!

*bells, whistles, confetti*

Thumbs through the pages…lemme see…

Oh yes, here it is…Monday, when I was sure that a night of drunken debauchery mean and evil troll had left me tattooed.  Really, it was the only explanation.

Which brought us to Tuesday and I found a whole new set of terrifying scenarios to torture my psyche with.

So, for Wednesday I decided to stop and watch the amazing Northern Lights with you.

Thursday was spam, spam, spamalot, day.

And on Friday, I asked if anyone had seen Dad’s goat.  Which may sound like a lead-in to a really bad joke.  I wish.

So, I may be back on Monday, but judging by the increasing certainty that I am catching the oh-my-gawd-cold-from-hell that hubby’s had all week, I’m not so sure.

Have a great weekend and keep it ‘tween the ditches out there!

Well Looky Here…

It’s round-up time!

This week’s round-up is a bit thin…I’ve been busy, okay?

Monday – nuttin’…and I feel bad, so here look at some cute kitties:

And then on Tuesday I gave thanks for appendages

I was so thankful, in fact, that I began quoting Shakenspeare on yo’ ass.

It was epic and left me with nothin’ till Friday, when I realized I’m just really boring.

And now I feel like I owe you something exciting,…

























Weekly Recap

Hey there kids! Hope you are having an awesomesauce kind of weekend!

So, for those of you who only come over once a week, here’s the shtuff you missed…

Monday had me thinking about a muse, not “amuse”…just a muse.  So, I posted about an amazing site that publishes long lost letters.

Tuesday brought a melancholy reminder of someone lost.

By Wednesday I was my goofy self again – for the most part – and laughed myself silly over the Cirque de Squirrelle.

Thursday was a rage post day, and oddly enough the day my site saw the most traffic.  Could it be others feel as I do?

I believe I created a wormhole on Friday when I recapped a recap about a recap.  Careful.

See you on Monday!

OMG! I’ve Remembered To Do a Recap!

Please, hold your applause until the end…

Monday..yeah, well nothing happened on Monday.  Really, I’m not kidding.

Fine, I’ll wait while you go look.

:whistles a happy tune:

See, told you.

Now, on Tuesday I contemplated a salvage yard for human parts.   Aaaaaaand…that sounds way more creepy than it actually is.


Wednesday was confession and blame the cat day.  I’m thinking of making every Wednesday confession and blame the cat day. 

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday.  Yeah, I didn’t think it was that funny either.

So, by Friday I was ready to call the whole thing off.

Have an awesomesauce kind of weekend, and please do something amazingly silly at least once. 

There will be a test on Monday…or Tuesday.

If I remember.

Where Have You Been?

Just take a look at all the crap awesomesauce you missed this week!

On Monday, there was no post.  It was a holiday, but that’s not why there was no post.  Actually, I got lazy…or maybe I was totally honoring the memory of Dr. King (a personal hero – truly, no bullshit here) by occupying the couch all day.   One of those things.

Tuesday, though, came along and I practiced the art of the tease.

And, on Wednesday I made like the mailman and delivered.

On Thursday I proved, yet again, that my best protesting days ended with the Vietnam War.

Friday was experiment/jack with you people day.  Go me.

Now go out and enjoy this 75 degree, sunshine-y weather! 

Hmmm?  Wassat?

It’s 20 and snowing where you are?


Happy Birthday!

To my baby sister!

And, to everyone else whose birthday is today.

For the rest of you, the weekly recap.

On Monday we un-Christmased the house.  I haz a sad for a while.  It was also my Alzheimer-lost father’s 77th birthday, but he didn’t even know it.  Sigh….

Tuesday I revealed my New Year’s Resolutions, and I’m happy to report that I’m doing pretty well on at least one of them…although I am still disappointed about the shoes….

The monkeys at WordPress provided Wednesday’s post.

Thursday – magical, marvelous ruby slippers.

Friday and the attack of the grocery cart; a glimpse into my *exciting* life.

So, There I Was Minding My Own Business…

….and the icepick wielding ninjas came to visit.

Fortunately, I’d already written a post for Monday.  It was a PSA from Victoria’s Secret.

Tuesday, I decided to try and evict the ninjas with antibiotics.  It made me so not funny.

By Wednesday I was a little less sick, but I still wasn’t very funny.

And, just when you thought it was safe…….I proved otherwise on Thursday.

Friday morning and the ninjas seemed to have vacated the premises.  They were replaced by the horrid cold that’s going around.  That might explain my short temper.  Or not.

So, have a good weekend. I have a date with some jammies, slippers and a box of Kleenex.

New This Week

It occurs to me that most people could skip the Monday-Friday blog posts and just come here on Saturday to read the re-cap.

Yeah, I’m gonna go with that one to explain readership drop-offs during the week.

Well, if I don’t the alternative is to drown my sorrows in a vat of chocolate….which I may do now, anyway, since I have apparently managed to depress myself.

While I am busy depleting the supply of chocolate for the tri-state area, go ahead and take a look at the week in review.

On Monday, a recent garage cleaning brought into focus a deep, dark moment for my aunt.

Tuesday came and pen/penis, really is there a difference?

On Wednesday, I shared the secrets of a mystical, magical, elf.

Thursday and Friday I regaled bored you to tears with completely un-exciting information about my work-life.  Don’t read these two, really, they aren’t that funny.

So, have a great weekend and if you’re looking for the chocolate, I eated it.

Head ‘Em Up, Move ‘Em Out, Round-Up!

Weekly cattle drive underway.


Not here, somewhere…else.

I know this because the theme from “Rawhide” popped into my head when I was trying to come up with a ‘clever’ title for the weekly recap post.

Yeah, I are smart.

So, lash yourself to the mast and hang on for a *thrilling* ride.

Monday, Monday – and I’m feeling laaaaaaaazy.

Tuesday and I see things from a 3-yr. old’s perspective.

On Wednesday I recount just one of Biffy’s many adventures.

Thursday it’s all about laying the blame.

And on Friday, I shared the love.

So, go have a great weekend and remember if you are having a hard time figuring out what to give me for Christmas – money always works, is always the right color and one size fits all.

You’re welcome.