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If Imagonna Pee Myself Laughing…

….then you are, too.

*dies laughing

*dies laughing

And in case you’re wondering, and to give credit where credit is due, I get most of these from this lovely website.

Last One Out the Door, Turn Off the Lights Please

Cuz, I’m pretty sure this father just won the Internets…

dad wins the internet

Texts From My 18-mo. Old Granddaughter

Sunday night, 8:42 pm


I don’t think I could lift the receiver on a phone when I was a toddler, much less type a text, choose a contact, and hit send.

And last week, she bought a game package for her mom’s iPhone.

Never underestimate a toddler.

He Tocks In the Treetops

Yeah, I’m Pretty Sure Jesus Rocks

Yeah, I’m Pretty Sure Jesus Rocks

It’s Penis Bitter Jekly Time!

its peanut butter jelly time

Simply. Awesome.

JRR is Probably Laughing His Ass Off Somewhere

Remember my squee-fest over a t-shirt I found?, this happened to it:

uspsIt’s currently wandering.

And it’s lost.

Which makes this the most ironic t-shirtEVVVAHHH!



It’s Been a Long Time Since We’ve Laughed Like This

Oh Johnny Virgil, how I heart you.


Ironic Irony is Ironic, and a Hole is a Hole is a Hole

So, yeah…in my hometown this happened:



I totally belong here.

Truth Be Known…

This is the real reason I order so many t-shirts. 


“what’s up superstar? God you look great today, but of course you knew that. Well Captain Fantastic, take this email and stand in front of a mirror. You there? Now say to yourself, “Congratulations, your order from 6DollarShirts is on its way.” Because of your brilliant decision to order from us, you can now celebrate the fact that as of today your sweet tees are on the way!


While we know your ESP-ridden brain doesn’t need it (we swear we aren’t hitting on you), we still must provide you with this tracking number to keep in your records:”

It’s an e-mail I got from 6dollarshirts – my favorite site.  And, yes it really does cost $6 per shirt.

It’s like they know me…they really know me.

I LOVED This Man!!

Yes, the classiest, most intelligent, and best President in my lifetime.

I give you a very funny Ronald Reagan.