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I Can’t Hear You!

I hate cell phones..and yet if I leave my house without mine I panic.

Maybe I should say that I hate cell phone reception/random call dropping.

This is a conversation I had last week with my youngest son (hereafter called YS) on not only my phone, but hubby’s as well.

*my phone rings – or rather plays the theme from “Halloween”*

YS: Hi Mom, I was just wond…grsl…slfla’…faower


YS: I was just..glsla..afaofi..faoeur0..

Me: I CAN’T HEAR YOU! (as if my screaming into the phone would make it somehow easier for me to hear him)

YS: I’ll…. 

*call drops and hubby’s phone rings..or rather plays “Sweet Home Alabama”, he’s obviously not in the Halloween spirit..whatevs..*

Me: Hello?

YS:  Hi Mom…I just thought…saofiaof..aa;dfa;f;a..sauwua;…..



…..and the called dropped, again…..

*my phone rings…or rather…aw hell, just look up there*

Me: Hello?

YS:  Mom..I….a;dflajf;p8rua.a..afglafys ….fish

Me:  I get something about a “fish”.

YS: YES, I have a.a..aafafjhajf…do you…adf.afayf..aouyoat….

Me: You’re asking me about a fish, but I can’t make it out.  Why don’t you text me?


*and the call dropped*

*hubby’s phone rings…blah, blah..*

Hubby: Hello?

YS: Dad, I just caught a 4-lb. blue cat and wondered if you guys wanted it.

Hubby: (asks me if I want it and I say “not unless he’s skinned and fileted it I don’t”)  Um…your mom says no unless you’ve cleaned it already.  You haven’t?  Okay…thanks anyway.

*hubby hangs up phone*

Me: So, that’s what he’s been trying to tell me for the last ten minutes??

Hubby: (shrugs) I guess.

Me:  Here I thought there was some major crisis since he kept calling and calling.  Usually, he’ll just send a text if it’s not important. He scared me half to death…over a fish??

Hubby: I guess it was important…to him.

Me: I hate cell phones.

Curse you Alexander Graham Bell!!