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Tragically Uplifting

I admire this brave woman, but more so I admire her brave family and friends.

Tell you something else, after watching friends and family die horrid, lingering deaths I believe a move to Oregon (unless Texas allows it) might just be in my future should I face the same fate.

I do know one thing, even if I got a case of the scaredy-cats after finding out I had some terminal illness, I will not subject myself or my family to endless rounds of therapies with little chance of success.  Just keep me as pain-free as possible and let me go.

And, you’d be surprised how many in the medical profession say the same.  Some go so far as to say they’d refuse all medical interventions for terminal illnesses should one strike them.  These people are faced with patients and families, long past the point of no return, dealing with painful, emotional, endless goodbyes and they say, no way..not me…

I agree.  How about you?