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Head ‘Em Up, Move ‘Em Out, Round-Up!

Weekly cattle drive underway.


Not here, somewhere…else.

I know this because the theme from “Rawhide” popped into my head when I was trying to come up with a ‘clever’ title for the weekly recap post.

Yeah, I are smart.

So, lash yourself to the mast and hang on for a *thrilling* ride.

Monday, Monday – and I’m feeling laaaaaaaazy.

Tuesday and I see things from a 3-yr. old’s perspective.

On Wednesday I recount just one of Biffy’s many adventures.

Thursday it’s all about laying the blame.

And on Friday, I shared the love.

So, go have a great weekend and remember if you are having a hard time figuring out what to give me for Christmas – money always works, is always the right color and one size fits all.

You’re welcome.

So, Yeah I’m Lazy…

….I just spent the bulk of the last four days in jammies…

No, I wasn’t sick.

I was on a little stay-cation, and the only interruption to the jammie routine was Thanksgiving.

It’s also the reason I didn’t have the energy to get out of the jammies on Friday.

Which turned into Saturday and it got cold and rainy here, so jammies seemed perfect.

By Sunday I was all like why bother?

And then Monday happened and it’s back to the routine. 

Jeans, work boots and a sweatshirt.

Sigh…I miss my jammies.

How was your Thanksgiving holiday?

To Enter is Forbidden, Yes?




See y’all next week!

Quote of the Week

From my new, favorite, television show…and because it made me giggle uncontrollably.

“My mama’s fried chicken could bring peace to the Middle East.”                        Ricky Skaggs

And, because it is soooooooooo true, my second favorite quote this week:

“Bless yer heart is a polite way of saying  yer stoooopid.”                                     Michael Waltrip

And if I have to explain either of these people to you, well…you obviously don’t know Dixie.

American by birth, Southern by the grace of God.

Now, go out there and have a great weekend!

Friday, Friday, Friday!

Yeah, it’s Friday!

Unless you’re somewhere in Nepal or something and it’s Saturday.

In which case it’s definitely not Friday.

I think I’m causing a time/space continuum vortex-thingy in my head.

But, whatever, here where I am it’s Friday!

And, this week my weekend started today.  Which is Friday, unless you are in Nepal and it’s Saturday and it’s a normal weekend…only I won’t be here (in Nepal) on Monday.

But, wait…in Nepal I’m never here on Monday, right?  Because it’s Sunday for me.

Holy schnikees…where’s the Tylenol?

Here – look at this while I put my brain back in my head:

Squee overload in 3....2....1.....

And Now….

Existential vending – in convenient economy size.

4.  ????

5. Profit!
And, know, ninjas…
Now go outside, will ya?

‘Scuse the Interruption

But, it’s the weekend!!

And, I’m not here!!!

And, you are!!!

Go away!!!



See y’all next week!!!

See? Even the Andrews Sisters want you to go...and I'm pretty sure most of them are dead.

Duck, Duck, Wha….?

I’ve never understood the children’s game, “Duck, Duck, Goose!”…..and, if pressed, probably can’t remember the rules, object, or anything else about it.

Good thing it has noting to do with this post.

We have a boat.

Which reminds me, I don’t get the whole “I’m On A Boat” thing.

I do, finally, understand “The Cake is a Lie”…maybe I just need to ask Uncle Google about the boat. 

Good thing it’s not important to the subject at hand as I’m too lazy to do any research.

No, this post is about..well, this:

I'm a Duck on a Boat...sort of...I'm actually on the lift that holds up the boat...that my famous twin, who sells insurance, owns but won't let me ride. I haz a sad.

 The look of disdain is because we ran out of quackers…hahahahaha…”quackers”..get it?  

Yes, I’m easily amused.

And White Duck – as I call him/her – I can’t tell the sex and really I think it’s a little early to ask the duck to lift his/her feathers for me, I mean we did just meet last weekend – was accompanied by Black Duck:

Hi, I'm Black Duck and I follow White Duck...EVERYWHERE!

They were waiting for us at the dock when we decided that it was time to get off the lake, because the temperature at 11:00 a.m. was somewhere around 147 degrees, and I was beginning to turn bright red in spite of wearing SPF 50.

We fed them all the crackers we had, hubby even getting White Duck to take a cracker from his hand…something I totally missed on camera despite repeated attempts.  The closest I came was a blur of feathers and water at the end of hubby’s empty hand. 

As a photographer, I’m a pretty good duck feeder.

After all the food was gone the ducks swam around the slip for a while, complaining.

It wasn’t until we were back to the parking lot when I realized something.

Angry ducks+uncovered boat=a whole lotta duck poop to be cleaned.

Wonder if I can feign some illness this weekend so hubby can go out alone and spend the first thirty minutes of the day cursing me and the ducks.

(edited to add: OHMIGAWD, people!!! Why don’t you WARN me about asking Uncle Google questions like “What is I’m on a boat?” Hmmmm??? Why?  Now, my ears are singed and I think there’s a piece of my soul missing.  Thank you…ingrates)

What Arrrrrr Ya Doin’ Here?

It’s the weekend, for cryin’ out loud!!

Go outside, let the stink blow off ya (as my mama would say)!

I’ll be back on Monday.

Now, go…I said GO!

Sigh…you’re still here? 

Fine…here, here’s a gratuitous head shot:

What, exactly, were you expecting? Hmmmm?