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Hey! I Happen to Like Paula Deen!

But according to Serious Eats, she is trying to kill us. 

And here is the recipe that is going to do it.

Now, I like to think I know a little bit about Southern cuisine – having lived in the South my entire adult life – but I had never heard of this concotion until now.


“These balls are a little bite of Heaven. I took the liberty of altering the recipe a bit — typically I increase the butter up to four or five sticks and don’t bother with the cream cheese (I am trying to eat healthier. When they’re done, I drip melted butter over the top as well –…” 

Apparently, this mixture of cream cheese and butter does have its devotees, like the health-food nut (a reviewer) I quoted above.

I am fairly certain I will not be joining their ranks.


Well, I prefer to clog my arteries the old-fashioned way – with foods that don’t cause  a gag reflex.